How to Find the Right Balance of Natural Links and Content

If your only focus is keywords you may be missing the boat if you are not providing natural links to help Google find you.

The Delicate Balance

What a top SEO company Australia may choose knows is there is a delicate balance between quality content and valuable links. Natural links offer visitors the opportunity to discover more information than they expected when visiting your site. A reference to a quote made by a well-known authority is a one-click connection to the complete quote or more information furthering the thought. A comment about a new service or product is a one-click connection to where you can purchase it or a thorough description of why it is relevant to the content you have written. This means you have done your research and are offering 100 percent value and honest resources. It shows Google your only interest is educating your reader.

No Money was Exchanged

But you have to be sure you did not take your links one step further. You have to make sure no money was exchanged in order for you to have featured that link on your web page. Some web sites may come to you selling links to their sites. Some may offer you money to buy links on your site. Either way it is not quite on the up and up according to Google.

Natural Links, Honest Content

Think of it this way. Google is looking for a match made in heaven. Two clear signs you are on the up and up joined to create robust, relevant and helpful content for their users. If your content has no apparent intent other than to educate and if people have linked to your site because of this intention, then that means a) you are educating and b) other authorities are willing to risk their visitors by linking to your site for only one reason: it is helpful. This is the premise of natural links and honest content. This is the perfect balance top SEO web agencies strive to create.


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