Hire a New SEO Company to Protect You from Penguin 2.0

You may have an SEO company that initially fixed up your web site to get you that top ranking and it worked out quite well for you. With the introduction of Penguin 2.0 all hell has broken lose and what was keeping you at the top could very well be what brings you down, or worse, off the rankings completely.

Hidden Problems

If you worked with an SEO company that got you top rankings alarmingly quick and then disappeared into the night, you could be in trouble and not even know it. Links hidden deeply in your site may be using black hat tactics and have gone unnoticed as of yet. You won’t even know they are questionable until Penguin 2.0 finds them. SEO companies got excellent results using questionable back links and web spam without notice because Penguin used to search only home pages for web spam. Now Penguin 2.0 is going deeper and deeper into your site and will be finding things you may not even know are there.

Penguin 2.0

Keep Calm and Carry On

This is the time for cooler heads to prevail and find out just what is going on. You don’t want to throw your hands up in the air and surrender. If you are confident you are on the up and up a new SEO company can help you redeem yourself the next time Penguin 2.0 comes a knocking.

Guidelines Make You Honest

A new SEO company will take charge and do a thorough link audit. They will determine which links are honest and which are spammy. They can then begin rebuilding links as well as requesting bad links be removed using Google disavow requests. This will demonstrate you are on the up and up and are cleaning your site of web spam. You can also have your new SEO check your site and marketing strategy to help you rebuild your reputation with readers and Google. This will bring Penguin 2.0 to a much happier conclusion and help you earn your way back up the rankings.

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