Doorway Pages: The Unknown Web Marketing No-No

Sydney web agencies are always looking for new and exciting ways to promote your website. A growing tactic many website agencies are using to drive traffic is the creation of doorway pages.

What is a Doorway Page?

A doorway page is a web page designed with only one purpose: to attract visitors. This may seem innocent enough however doorway pages send people to a site they weren’t expecting. It is an underhanded way to lure people away from the content they were searching.

Cluster Links

Often doorway pages may result in cluster links. This means that you do your search, a list of links come up, you click on one, it is nothing but nonsense, so you move down to the next one and it is the same nonsense. This is because the website in question has created one doorway page under several different domain names. As you search, the keyword stuffed pages end up top ranked and because they have used different domain names they all end up on the first rankings page.

Same Content, Different Page

Another doorway page tactic is having only one site, but with many different pages using the exact same or very similar content. Again, because of the frequency of the key word and phrases, these sites rate top ranking.

Enough with the Original Content Already

Web sites are getting sick of hearing the term “original content”. Unfortunately this, in hand with natural links, is what Google uses to find the best content for their users. You have to keep in mind that Google provides a service to Internet users: to help them find the best solution to their problem as fast as possible. If users don’t find what they are looking for on the top ranked web page, why would they bother using Google in the first place?

Honest Way, Not Doorway

Sydney web designers use the honest way instead of the doorway to create great sites and content. If you are working with a company that recommends using doorway pages, it’s time to look for a new web agency.

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