5 Mid-Year SEO Trends to Keep Your Eye On

We’re almost at the half-year point and despite pronouncements announcing its imminent demise, the field of search engine optimisation is still alive and well.
Here are some of the trends in SEO you should be aware of for the future ranking of your business web site.

Content Marketing Comes of Age

They say ‘content is king’ was first said by Bill Gates back in 1996. It’s taken a long time to become fully a part of the world of mainstream SEO but Google has made sure we need to incorporate it into all our work. In fact, it’s now the single most important factor influencing your site’s success.

When crafting everything from your online strategy to your website layout and design, you need to keep the information needs of your target at the front of your mind. Only the right content can convince him you have what he’s looking for and transform him into a loyal, happy customer.

Mobile Matters

One unmistakable trend in SEO is the relentless rise in the use of mobile devices to get online. Other that creating responsive websites, you also have to consider the content needs of mobile surfers. Users browsing on smartphones don’t want to wade through masses of text so make sure they can find what they need easily. Mobile users often seek information about local businesses such as opening hours and location so make sure these are easily accessible on your site.

Branding Rules

Web users are looking for a genuine online experience and branding is one way you can provide it. Just consider what your business stands for and apply it to all parts of your online marketing strategy. Make sure your tagline, logo, layout, linkbuilding and all your content reinforce your brand message in a way that’s powerful and memorable.

Links Continue to Be Important

Links need to be built as part of a strategy. They should connect you to relevant sites and help bolster your brand. You should see links as conduits to deliver your content to as many people as possible.

Integration is Key

To succeed in today’s online commerce environment, It has to be closely integrated with marketing, branding and web design. Each campaign has to be driven by an overall strategy that’s customer centred.

As shown by its recent Panda 4 and PayDay loan algorithm updates, Google continues to be relentless in its fight against spammers and others who would game the system. Here’s a thought for the mid-year. Why would anyone waste so much time and energy in shady practices when they could be building websites that offer genuine value?

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