Trends in Australian Net Usage That You Need to Watch

Internet use is on a relentless rise in Australia with some 17 million people using the net regularly. They use the Internet for search, social engagement and increasingly for shopping. Moreover, they’re surfing more on the go with smart phones and tablets. All this is good news for online vendors and service providers.

Here’s a look at the demographics of Australian web use and the trends you need to keep a sharp eye on to make sure their clients are well positioned to reap the benefits.


Not Just a Young People’s Game

Pass a bustling Internet cafe or rowdy game shop and you might conclude that teens and young people make up the highest volume of Internet users. However, the surprising fact is that older users are now in the vanguard.

Men and women aged over 50 comprise 34% of Australian web users, the largest of any age group. Seniors may have been slower in initially adopting the net but now they’re avidly embracing the convenience of online commerce.

This is the group with the highest disposable income so SEOs and web designers need to give them special consideration. Here are some tips.

Older web users to prefer the familiar so a strong brand image is very useful. Trust is also very important. Prominent testimonials and the logos of trusted organisations are very reassuring.

Another factor to bear in mind when designing sites for seniors is usability. Older users have weaker eyesight. Your designers should ensure font size is large enough, colour contrast is high, and that menus are clear.


The Young and the Restless

The next most active group of users not surprisingly is young urban professionals aged 25-34. While they spend the second highest amount of time online, they do ramp up the most page views on a monthly basis.

This type of consumer tends to be very net savvy and aware of what’s happening in their world. You need to offer them clear, authoritative content that’s regularly updated and offers them the feel of being an insider.

Mobile Moods

Another major trend is the increase in use of mobile devices. Some 36% of Australians now access the net via tablets or smartphones. Just consider the fact that 26% of Australians have made a purchase on their smartphones and you’ll see why responsive web design is a must.

The Low Down

One effect of this rise in web use is that today’s consumers are better informed than ever. This means you have to work harder to engage and persuade them. Be sure to check the demographics information in your analytics to find out who your typical visitors are. Then do all you can to give them just what they want.


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