Why Australia Content Writing Needs to Lighten Up

Content is an often-confusing marketing necessity that has online businesses going crazy trying to find the Australia copywriting whizzes to supply them with stellar copy. There are a few more secrets that online businesses should know about when it comes to excellent Australia content writing.

Page Size Matters

It is a well-known fact (to most) that posting images and videos within your blog helps you get noticed by Google. But what is a lesser-known fact (to all) is that Google actually gets a little turned off by pages that take too long to load. Google knows that people doing searches don’t like lagging websites and Google will actually use algorithms that figure out just how slow a page is to load. You want to supply the pages people want to read and include pretty pictures and instructional or entertaining videos, BUT you want to make sure the size is realistic and that instead of making your page more desirable it actually starts to knock you down the rankings. Australia Best Web Design keeps pages to a minimum, below 100kb.

Speak from the Heart

You are probably sick of hearing the term “original content” but it is still a true fact that Google only looks for unique information to set your site apart. Try speaking from the heart and offer opinions to set you apart from the crowd. Humour works as well so if not the heart than perhaps speak from the humorous bone. In other words lighten up.

Link to Yourself

Links are also big and if you think about what you are writing than you should also think about what you’ve already posted. Linking to yourself helps create legit links on your site, which Google loves, but also reinforces to readers that you do know what you’re talking about. It keeps people on your site as well.

Onsite content for SEO

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