Anti-Fraud Software Keeping an Eye Out for Fraudsters

You use Adwords retargeting and an Australian pay per click company to help you find new customers. There are so many ways to keep track of who visits your site and to stay with them using retargeting techniques. You can also use pay per click as an easy and affordable way to target new customers. But do you know who your current customers are?

Sifting Through the Mess

Anti-fraud software companies and services are following how people shop online in order to block out frauds. They have uncovered some pretty seedy dealings and not surprisingly frauds are working under the dark of night. There are some not so surprising facts about who is up to no good and what they are up to.

Fraudulent Habits

When you collect email addresses you see many different handles. You are twice as likely to be dealing with a fraudulent shopper if they are using a Yahoo! Email address compared to those who are not.

Not surprisingly, customers shopping between the hours of midnight and 1am are more apt to be fraudulent.

Google Chrome

Apparently credit card charge backs are four times more likely to occur by customers using Google Chrome on Windows XP. Tracking habits of frauds across a million different events helps identify common fraudulent patterns, which can assist e-tailers in protecting themselves from online fraud when these patterns are captured using anti-fraud software.

Building Walls

Firewalls will not protect your online business from fraud. Anti-fraud software will help you build the walls you need by constantly searching for millions of known signs fraud is underway. From recognizing known devices to combining a number of tell tale signs unknowingly presented by frauds, anti-fraud software allows you to get to know your customers in a very different way.

Protecting your business from fraudulent activity may be easier than you think. With the anti-fraud software available on the market today you can help block both known frauds as well as the novice before any harm can be done.

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