Setting Up Your Site for Social Visitors

As an Australian SEO, are you making sure your clients’ websites are friendly to visitors who arrive via social media? You really should be for the sake of your client’s (and your own) bottom line.

Time was when social traffic was regarded as being ‘low quality’. The pundits scoffed that visitors arriving via social media links were sensation seekers with no interest in buying. That’s all changed as social media has become mainstream.

Today’s ‘social’ visitors are just as likely to become customers as those arriving via SERPS or PPC ads. You just have to be sure you’re treating them properly. Here are some simple techniques you can apply.

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Make Sure You’re Easy to Find

First of all, you’ll need all the social icons prominently displayed on your sites. That way your visitors can bookmark, follow and ‘like’ you, thus helping get the word out. It should result in an increase of traffic from social media sites.

You can also optimise the way your content is shared socially by using special code to specify the tags and descriptions used when your content or links to it appear elsewhere.

Make Navigation and Browsing Easy

Unlike those arrive from SERPS, social visitors may not have a clear plan in mind when they arrive at your site. This means you have to make is easy for them to find whatever they’re interested in.

Imagine you have a lighting site and your visitor has arrived from a Facebook page that mentioned how kind on the eyes your reading lamps were. Such visitors are probably not at the buying stage yet. You’ll need to do some more preselling before sending them to your product page. That’s why you need a content rich site with quality articles on the benefits of your products. A blog works especially well here.

Keep Your Content Fresh

Social visitors tend to be used to content that’s updated regularly. (In the case of Twitter, every few seconds). That means they expect to find something new whenever they return to your site. If you create and maintain blogs for you clients, make sure they’re updated at least weekly. Try to focus your content at the cutting edge of what’s happening in their field. Socially savvy visitors tend to know what’s going on.

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Be Sure You’re Mobile Ready

Mobile internet is the wave of the future so be sure you’re ready. Many tablet and smartphone users will arrive at your site via a link from a social site. Have a mobile responsive website in place so they feel at home and can find what they want.

Australian internet users are among the highest users of social media in the world. By optimising your sites to accommodate them you could be really boosting your bottom line.

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