Australian First Page Rankings: Get Your Visitors to Use RSS

If you are using an aggressive content with postings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, how do you keep visitors coming back? RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is what you need to let people know you’re still there and have plenty of worthwhile things to say.

That Little Orange Icon

A little orange RSS icon positioned prominently on your site encourages visitors to add you to their RSS list of sites. This means they will receive an automatic message on their RSS reader that tells them you have posted a new article or blog.

One Little Click

It will just take one little click for your visitors to become subscribers allowing them to follow your blog or website updates and keep them in a continuous link for you to talk directly to them.

RSS Readers

Offering them a link to sign-up to a particular free RSS Reader such as Google Raeder will encourage them to do so once they understand what it is all about. Many die-hard RSS Reader fans even pay for RSS services.

RSS versus Live Bookmarking

It takes a lot more encouraging to get someone to bookmark your site and then come back then it does to offer an RSS subscription that takes 10 seconds to click and then they are yours. Live bookmarking will make it possible to offer similar “services” to RSS, but it is only available in IE7 and can only be accessed from the computer on which the page has been bookmarked.

Mobile Friendly

RSS can be synched which means visitors will receive updates whether they are at home or on a mobile device.

Australian Guaranteed SEO Services

Using your SEO marketing services to assist you in adding an RSS option will help with all of your SEO efforts. Australian first page rankings don’t necessarily begin with RSS, but it can certainly help in the end to keep traffic coming your way.

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