Revamping your Content for Online Marketing Success

Can you read through the words on your website and honestly say you’re genuinely proud of your content? Unless you’ve been applying a serious content strategy from the beginning, the answer’s probably negative.

If your online marketing’s not doing as well as you’d like, your content could be responsible. You may even have lost rankings or got hit with penalties for over optimised content or other issues.

Should you find yourself in this position, it’s a good time to look over your content and see what you can do to transform it into something both your readers and the search engines will love. Sound good? Here are the steps you should take:

A Thorough Audit

Your first step is to analyse the content on your site and see what’s working and what’s not. For larger sites, a complete content audit can be a major undertaking. However you may want to start with a simpler approach by simply going through your Google analytics.

This way, you can discover which themes, topics and textual approaches are generating the best results. You can then study those to determine the reasons for their success. Perhaps they addressed particular reader problems or had clear and effective calls to action. Or perhaps they were simply written in an engaging manner.

You should also determine how well your pages are currently ranking for popular keywords. If you find some pages have dropped suddenly, you can check for concurrent Google updates. You can then check the content on the offending pages to try and identify any problems. Often, replacing oft repeated keyphrases with longtails and synonyms can bring your rankings back.

Content audits also offer you the opportunity to update and recycle older content. By approaching old topics in a fresh and relevant way, you can garner new readers and really boost your online marketing.

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Judicious Optimisation

Despite the advent of Hummingbird and other updates, on page optimisation isn’t dead. You just need a light touch and a relentless focus on your visitor. One feature of modern SEO is determining visitor intent. Once you understand your reader, you can plan and structure your content appropriately.

This means that today’s SEO is not strictly keyword based. If you write knowledgeably and naturally on a topic, then all the relevant keywords will be there without you having to force them in. Today’s Google is smart enough to grasp your meaning without you having to spell everything out.

Nonetheless, it’s wise to go over your copy and make sure you’ve used the type of language and key terms your prospect would. Also look for words and phrases that are overused. Try and find synonyms and also break up overused phrases into their component words.

Nowadays, your content is more important than ever so make sure to maximise its value. For help with all online marketing endeavours, contact Smart SEO today.

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