Online Marketing: Tapping Into Alerts and Trends for Competitive Advantage

As an Australian business in a competitive industry, you need all the information you can to determine strategy and to effectively run your operation.

You need to know what new items are appearing in your sector, what products are increasing in popularity, what’s coming into vogue in your industry, and much more.

For if there’s one constant in business, it’s that there are no constants. Trends rise and fall and with them risk and opportunity. To fully harness opportunity, you need to know exactly what’s going on in your industry and market. The good news is that Google has some free and elegant tools to help you with your online marketing.

Google Alerts

One of the more useful services offered by Google is “Google Alerts”. This free service lets you enter keywords and then be notified by email or RSS feed whenever these specified terms showed up in searches, blogs, news, videos, or discussions.

You can use it to keep tabs on what your customers and others are saying about your firm or brand, competitors’ new products, events in your market, factors influencing your business environment and so on.

Instead of trawling the new daily for data, you can have it sent to you, either immediately or as a daily or weekly digest.

All you need is a Google account. Then just set up your alerts at

Google Alerts Tips

Here are some ideas for terms to use for alerts:

  • Your business name
  • Your personal name
  • Your website URL
  • Your competitors’ names and URLs
  • Your customers’ names and URLs
  • Various terms related to your industry

You can use standard Google search syntax to fine tune your query. Inverted commas will return exact match results and the – sign will exclude results containing that term, for example.

Google Trends Alerts

Google alerts has been benefiting Internet marketers and Sydney SEOs for several years. The good news is that Google recently introduced a similar service for their Google Trends system. This means you can now get alerts on topics in your industry that are trending.

Just head over to to set up your Google trends alerts.

At the moment, you can only receive alerts by email, either weekly or monthly. Regarding scope, you can sign up for any search topic, Hot Searches for any country, or any U.S. monthly Top Chart. You can also choose a location and get notifications of any Hot Searches for that area along with any significant local trends.

Online Marketing with Trends

Once you know what the trends are in your market, you need to create web pages to tap into the trend and pull in visitors. For full professional help with your Sydney SEO and online marketing endeavours, get in touch with SmartSEO today.

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