Changes to the Definition of What is Online Marketing

What is online marketing? The question has been posed many times with varying, often unclear, answers.  The continuous changes in the market create a constantly evolving definition, which makes it a difficult question to answer. The changes that the world of SEO saw with Panda and Penguin transformed everything. “Spammy” content that worked to gain first page results all of a sudden put your website in jeopardy of being eliminated from the search engine results altogether. Quick changes in content and marketing approaches were needed in order to get the results people need.

Shift in Focus towards Value

In the past, quality Sydney online business marketing came down to keyword density and long-tail marketing. This has clearly been changed and the results people are finding show it as such. The new concentration is on providing quality content that provides value to the user. The algorithms have shifted to ignore such things as keyword usage other than its existence. Rather the search engines are concentrating on the ability for the content being written to provide useful information that delivers on the promise of giving the user what they want when conducting a search.

Online Marketing

New Tricks in the Mobile Markets

The smartphone has changed everything in terms of online searches. After all, people have the ability to carry what used to only be possible with a giant desktop right in the hip pocket. All of the search engines, primarily Google, have made it a priority to provide mobile searches more useful content. This includes looking into the kinds of searches being conducted and how to deliver the best information to the mobile user. Websites without the ability to be properly displayed on a mobile device are missing out. The Sydney online business marketing will continue to change and evolve and the SEO companies will continue to work hard at providing the right content to provide better results.

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