Killing It with Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of those buzz phrases people like to throw around. But what does it mean exactly, and why do you as an Australian SEO or online marketer need to care?


Think back to when you last made a major purchase. Before you plunked down your cash for that big screen TV, surfboard or car, what went through your mind? I think it’s safe to say you didn’t see an short ad, say “Yip, that’s for me” and immediately order.

Most people go through an information gathering process before investing their hard earned cash. We gather relevant facts and use them to determine which product is right for us.

This is good news for you as an Australian internet marketer, as it allow you to position your website so that it talks directly to potential. Here’s why content marketing works so well.

Firstly, content is empowering. It gives the reader the knowledge he needs to buy, but in a non-threatening way. When people read ads, they’ve always got that thought in the back of their heads “what’s the catch?” Content educates, and lets people make up their own minds.

Next, effective use of content stimulates the imagination. Skillful words can create the experience of owning and using your product in the prospect’s mind. This powerful psychological process marks the first step towards actual ownership.

Tantalising text also satisfies curiosity. Cast your mind back to when you bought your first computer or mobile phone. Everything was new, exciting and perplexing at the same time. By reading quality information related to your product, the confusion lessened. As understanding grew, you felt you knew the product well and simply had to have it.

Content marketing transports your prospect to another world, the world inhabited by your product. However, be warned. Your content has to be the best of its kind. Rehashed or shallow text will drive your customers away in a second.

Types of Content that Inform and Persuade

  • Background Information – Fascinating facts about the product, its inspiration, who uses it, some interesting ways to get the maximum value from it and so on. If you’re selling a motorbike, explain an unique feature and explain the developer came up with it.
  • Related Topics – If you’re selling surfboards, do a nice article about best beaches in the area, or tips on how to catch a wave.
  • Reviews – Offer a genuine picture of the product in action. Don’t just rehash facts from
  • FAQ – Confused customers seldom buy. So anticipate their questions and objections, and address them.

By making content marketing a central part of your business strategy, you’ll be building authority and trust as well as loyalty. Those are powerful components of any sales strategy. Just make sure your content is worthy of the task.

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