Closed Loop Tracking Systems Support Online Marketing Effort

There probably aren’t too many CEO’s who will come right out and ask, “What is internet marketing?” But maybe they should. There are so many business both large and small who have higher ups who just don’t want to take the time to learn about the effectiveness of Online Marketing Strategies Australia needs to stay ahead of the competition. They want tangible strategies they can sink their teeth into such as closed loop tracking systems.

Work to get the Numbers

Part of your online marketing strategy should be finding the numbers to support your choices. Don’t blindly agree to an online marketing strategy Australia SEO companies might push on you. Instead ask to see the numbers with proven results. These are the same numbers you will share with your superiors to get the ball rolling for your online marketing plan.

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Ask for a Closed Loop Tracking System

Ask your marketing team if they can provide a closed loop tracking system so you can collect the data you need to prove ROI for your tactics. It can be hard to show that something as vague as “content” is helping to drive sales. A closed loop tracking system brings things full circle and will allow you to follow the habits of each visitor and conversion. You will have information showing when they came to your site, why they came to your site, what they did at your site and when they converted: Solid gold information.

Integrate Social Media

The great thing about social media is you have a running record of what is being said and what people think of you. If you have tried marketing tactics and people are chatting about it online this is proof that your tactics are gaining momentum. You can collect information on the habits of your conversions from social media to organic Google searches and let your superiors know what is going on and why you are succeeding. They care about the bottom line and you have to provide them with the information that proves you are successful in your marketing campaigns. You want to zone in on these five facts:
1. What are people reading and where are they visiting to drive traffic to your social media sites?
2. How many people are discussing your brand online and at social media sites?
3. Who is sharing info about your brand and what are they sharing?
4. How many referrals have you received?
5. How many conversions have you gotten through social media?

The online marketing strategies Australia uses must have proof they are working. You cannot defend a marketing strategy without tangible results that clearly demonstrate you are investing in a marketing plan that is effective. You may have jumped on the bandwagon for online marketing but are so busy waving your flag you aren’t keeping track of whether your campaign is successful or not. Having a closed loop tracking system will help immortalize your efforts and help secure your place as a valued member of the marketing team.

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