Online Advertising Methods You Can’t Live Without

It is a dog eat dog world online and you need to be certain you are not getting eaten alive. When it comes to raising brand awareness and being the company in your field leading the way there are some online advertising methods you just can’t live without.

Get Mobile

Everyone is mobile. People without a mobile are just not worth talking to so find a mobile strategy and get on it now. Work with your SEO agency to find ways to use mobile advertising and what will work best for your company. Do you need an App? Do you have some QR codes advertised somewhere? Does your website have a responsive web design so it is mobile friendly? You want to be certain you are appealing to the mobile user and add it to your online ad methods.

Avoid Old School Internet Saturation

Come up with a new strategy to target high traffic, high volume sites and ditch the idea that being on every little site will work. You get what you pay for and when it comes to ads you pay more for the higher traffic sites because obviously your odds of being noticed are higher. It also helps raise the profile of your company giving you more legitimacy and this can also do wonders for your image and appeal.

Follow Your Ads’ Effectiveness

It’s not enough to pay for advertising and sit and wait for calls. You need to pay attention to how your online ad methods are working. Use landing pages and special offers so you can keep an eye on how people are coming to your site. Make sure your SEO agency is tracking everything so they can come back and show you the results. You don’t want to continue paying through your teeth for something that has not shown any results. Come up with incentives for people to let you know how they found you. For example have a quick survey that pops up that asks a quick question: How did you find us? And list a few of your online ad methods. This will allow you to focus your online ad methods on the ones that work.

Use Dynamic Advertising

Google is constantly updating the tools they offer users. Dynamic advertising is by far one of the easiest and most powerful tools to date. All you have to do is work with your agency to decide what sites you want to advertise. Google then uses your product offerings and inserts them on the sites best suited to that item. For example, if you are a spa they would place an ad for facials on a makeup site, massages on a health and wellness site and cellulite and laser lypo on a weight loss site. This is refined targeting tool that is changing the way marketers advertise as it allows you to hit the audience you want without paying extra to do so.

You need to constantly be challenging your SEO or online marketing company to come up with new online ad methods. You want to know that you are always using cutting edge online ad methods so you will always stay front and centre.

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