Tips to finding the Right SEO Agency

So you’ve finally decided to stop going it alone and hire an agency. Good on ya. You’re going to need to dig deep and make sure the guys you hire are the guys you think they are. There are a lot of agencies in Australia all with big claims about top rankings. You want to weed through them until you find the one that will suit your needs and be true to their word.

Always in the Know and Now

Your agency needs to have two things to keep them in the know and now. To stay in the know they need to have a group of people behind the curtain that know nothing but SEO. This is the only thing listed on their job descriptions.

Who’s Behind the Wheel?

You don’t want a company that is telling you how great they are and then you hire them and all hell breaks lose. Many specialists are so intent on getting new clients they forget to be certain they can handle the job. Make sure you are meeting with more than one person and find out how they are run and how many departments they have. They should at least have their SEO team, work as an Australian Digital Agency and have good content writers. Also, if they don’t have a team, do they outsource? This is not necessarily a bad thing; however you need to know who they are and where they are to make sure you know who’s actually driving the bus.

Methods and Success Tracking

If your company can’t walk you through their process with some kind of presentation that let’s you know how they work, they probably don’t have one. You want to know what their process is and have them lay it out for you so you know what you are paying for. They have to be results driven which means somewhere in their presentation they better mention success tracking. This should be evident in their presentation and should also be info that gets back to you on a regular basis. You should also only be paying based on the success tracking not on any other form of paying. You want to know they guarantee their services. Do some tests on your own. Try finding your website. If it doesn’t pop up you know something is wrong.

Do Some Research

Don’t go in blind looking for someone to be your guide dog. You want SEO for your website so you should know something about it. If you don’t, you will never be able to find the best company. Find some consistent info on line that you can speak to them about, such as penalization by Google or upcoming algorithm changes you’ve heard about. If they look at you cross-eyed, move on.

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