How Search Engine Optimisation Works Using Content

The time will come when you need to remember your website is your right hand man. It is your top sales person even if you don’t have a sales team yet. Your website is your advertising agency and your PR firm tied into one. Most of all, your website is the face of your business. And no one is going to know who you are until you start listening to the constant noise about creating SEO content for your site.

Nobody Does it Better

You know that no one is better at what you do than you. You have to know it or you wouldn’t be here. So how do you let people know it? Think about why people use the Internet. It’s not just to find the services offered; it’s also to research and learn. So what is it you do? Whatever it is, you must know an awful lot about it. Bring the customers to you by supplying informative, quality information. Not blah, blah, blah marketing copy, but nitty gritty information about your area of expertise with solid examples of your successes. 75% of consumers prefer editorial content to advertising.

The reasons people search online vary in their intent. It’s either navigational, commercial, informational or transactional. If you nab the informational you have a far better chance of bagging the transactional.

Trust Factor

Trust plays a huge factor in building relationships. Knowledge is a wonderful foundation on which to grow trust in a customer relationship. If your customers feel you know your business they will be more inclined to trust their business to you. Content on your site will help Influence them and make you a source for answers. You will become their expert. And if you’re good, others will follow.

Who Do You Trust?

Knowing how search optimization works will help you to reach your goals as a top ranked “go to” expert. A search engine optimization agency can take your vision and knowledge and show you how to pass it on successfully. It’s all you, only better.

Why content for SEO

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