Ask Your Existing Followers to Spread the Word

Google’s social media network is starting to take off and with good reason. It offers canny SEOs and online marketers a powerful way to connect with customers and expand their reach.

So how do you take full advantage of Google +? Firstly, you need to have something worth sharing with the world.

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Build a Valuable Page

Before you even think about promoting yourself on Google+, make sure you have something work promoting. Your Google+ page should be worth visiting and provide visitors with an engaging and rewarding experience. That’s how you get added to as many Circles as possible and spread your presence through the G+ system.

A Detailed Profile

Your also need to brand yourself via your Google+ profile. This is more than just an advertisement to promote yourself; it’s also a way to reach out to others. You can build relationships by offering help and resources to those who would need it.
One technique is to link from your profile to relevant pages and posts on your blog or website that highlight your particular expertise.

Now that you have an identity and something to offer, it’s time to get the word out.

Google + Promotional Tactics

Now that you’re well setup on Google +, it’s time to let the world know. Firstly, you should of course add the buttons to all your pages. These badges as they’re known can be also setup during the Direct Connect setup process.

Leverage Your Social Reach

You’ve probably already active on the other big networks so use that to build up your Google Plus status. Those people on Facebook are following you for a reason so let them know about your G+ status too. Likewise for Twitter, LinkedIn and all the others.

Ask Your Existing Followers to Spread the Word

A simple request to your G+ followers to share you with their Circles is a quick and easy way to gain new contacts and gain visibility.

You have a host of potential methods to gain exposure and credibility via Google +. However, it all depends on you being able to share the kind of content that the concerned people want.

This doesn’t just mean writing posts but can include linking to valuable resources or just answering simple questions. You should always try to create meaningful conversations by asking questions offering solutions and requesting feedback.

Google + provides you with tools such as Hangouts and Hangouts on Air so be sure to use them to get the word out. You can use these powerful features in so many ways such as creating focus groups or just to exchange ideas about what’s happening in your industry.

Ultimately, to succeed you have to continually create content of genuine value and to reach out to others without thought of immediate gain. As in all things in life, you first have to give to be able to get.

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