Harnessing Hangouts – How to Use Google+ Hangouts for Online Marketing

If you ever wanted to reap the benefits of video broadcasting but worried about the cost or complexity, Google+ Hangouts offers you an elegant solution.

Video is hot right now in the world of online marketing and SEO. With most people accessing the net via high-speed connections and with attention spans shrinking, video is becoming a popular medium to get a message out.

Many SEOs are attracted to the use of video to help their clients gain rankings and traffics but are put off by the perceived cost and difficulty. You can thank Google for helping you out. First, they acquired YouTube and now their Google+ social platform contains a component that allows you to create and broadcast for videos free of charge.

Meet Google+ Hangouts.

It’s the component of Google+ that offers a free video chat service. (It also offers text chat being the replacement for Google Text) You can chat one-on-one or in a group of up to ten people (including yourself). To broadcast and reach a wide audience, you can choose Hangouts on Air, which allows anyone with a web browser to view your broadcasts.

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Why Use Google Hangouts?

It’s versatile. Hangouts can be accessed on all types of devices from desktops to smart phones. Moreover, you can share documents, images and videos as part of the process.

Another great feature is that you can record the whole event free of charge. There’s no need for a service or separate software such as Camtasia. Upload them to your YouTube channel and send a link to relevant parties. You can also embed the YouTube video in your site or blog for convenience and to attract traffic. With Hangouts, you’re in control.

What You Need To Get Started

To start using Hangouts, just login to your Plus account and click the Hangouts icon. Google offers comprehensive video tutorials to help you get up to speed with the platform.

To start a Hangout on Air requires that your account be associated with a YouTube account.

When creating Hangouts on Air, do some SEO to ensure your videos rank well. Use your main keyword as the start of your title and set it up with the option that it streams to YouTube.

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Tapping into Hangouts

So what’s the best way to use Hangouts in your SEO business?

As Hangouts are private, they offer an ideal way for video conferencing with your existing clients or for putting on presentations for potential clients.

Hangouts on Air have an astonishing range of possibilities for promoting your clients’ websites in a cost effective manner. You can use them for building brand awareness, products launches, webinars, or just weekly chats. It’s a great way to put a face to the brand.

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