Getting Going with Google+

As an Australian SEO, are you still on the fence about using Google+ in your SEO business? Or are you just taking a token approach without delving into all the possibilities offered by Google’s social media platform?

In either case, you’re missing out. Last week we looked at the big picture of Google+. Today, we’re going to look at some practical ways it can help with everyday SEO for both your own business and that of your clients.

Things You Can Do Now to Get Going with Google+

We assume you’ve already set up your Google+ account. Be sure to fill out the extra info Google suggests. Places of employment and education are useful to allow others to find you. Try to make your profile as interesting as possible.

Now you need to add +1 buttons on the pages you’d like to have shared.
You can share your own content on G+ for rapid indexing. What’s more, these rankings have been shown to endure unlike tweets, which have lifespans shorter than fruit flies.

You can now start adding contacts to your Circles. Circles are categories of people. You just drag contacts into Circles, either Circles you create yourself or the ones provided as default. The people are notified they’ve been added but not to which circle.

When it comes to posting, G+ functions like your personal micro blogging system and the great thing is all your posts are editable. Plus, being part of the Google ecosystem, these posts will get indexed fast.

When preparing your posts, bear in mind that the first sentence will be used as the title tag so make it something alluring and include a keyword.


Get Going Now

As the new kid on the block, G+ is still less frequently used that Facebook. In fact, figures suggest that only 25% of Google+ users actually use their accounts regularly. Don’t be one of them. By becoming an early adopter, you’ll have a great advantage when G+ finally goes mainstream.

With the increasing importance of SMO (social media optimisation), the social layer provided by G+ is very powerful, especially when you factor in the authority gained by G+ Authorship. Social authority is no longer about simply counting the number of +1s you get; it’s about the entire online presence of you and your content.

So if you’re taking a wait and see attitude towards G+, it’s time to act. Tapping into the power of Google+ can only help make your Australian SEO ventures better.

Next week we’ll investigate some powerful techniques to boost your SEO with G+. Stay tuned to find out how you can start a Hangout or create and Event to get the word out about something special.

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