6 Ways to Get the Word Out About Your Google+ Page

If you’re still on the fence about getting involved with Google+ or you’re not using it to its full potential, it’s time for action.

Just think, it now boasts over half a billion users, and 41% of online B2C marketers and 39% of B2B companies use G+ to source new business.

It’s also considered a key platform for branding with over 70% of all major brands active on the platform. Some of the most active are household names including Angry Birds, Cadbury and Android.

All this means that tapping into the power of Google + is a must.

Creating a G+ page is straightforward but optimising it for maximum engagement requires a few tweaks. Here are some powerful tactics to get the most out of your Google plus page.


Make the Most of Hashtags

Hashtags are the keywords for G+ so make sure you’re using them to your maximum advantage. Tagging your posts properly lets Google know exactly what your page is about.

Another tactic is to tag people and brands relevant to your field. That way they’ll get notified and you have the chance for interaction and to expand your reach.

Add your existing circles and choice individuals to your share settings. They’ll be notified and probably pop over to see what’s happening.

Get Involved with Trending Topics

Getting active with the hot topics in your field will enhance your visibility as well as demonstrate that you have your finger on the pulse. That way you get enhanced reach and credibility at the same time

Locate Likeminded Communities

Google+ is at its heart a social media platform so it’s ultimately about becoming involved with others in your niche or a related one. Spend some time scouting out relevant communities and start interacting with them. It’s a great way to find customers, partners and to generally engage with your market.

Format for Readability

To make your page inviting to the reader, be sure to apply the regular rules of web page formatting. Have plenty of white space by breaking up blocks of text. Use bullets and lists as much as possible, and use proper headline formating.

Use Images to the Max

Get creative in your use of graphics. Your G+ page has room for a large and eye-catching image. It’s the perfect way to make your post stand out and hopefully be shared on Pinterest and other sites.

Get Interactive

Don’t let any comments users make go unanswered. Responding to interesting comments on your Google Plus page can lead to productive conversations that can benefit all involved and even go viral. One neat feature to bear in mind is that you can embed Google+ comments right into your own blog.

Creating and maintaining a working Google+ page takes time, effort and commitment but I think you’ll agree the rewards are commensurate. Get started today. You’ll be glad you did.

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