What is Quality Search Engine Optimisation?

If you were to ask yourself what you most wanted from your Sydney SEO agency, what would the answer be?

Most people would reply their goal was to rank highly in the search results. Rankings are indeed vitally important as they directly impact the level of traffic you receive. However, to be effective they have to be sustainable.

Quality optimisation keeps your site ranking whatever the search engines do. It requires solid, white-hat techniques that adhere to Google’s guidelines. The result is a site that offers users a relevant authority experience.

Another measure of quality SEO is what your visitors do when they arrive on your site. Deft SEO can bring in traffic, and relevance can confirm they’ve reached the right place. But then you need them to take the action you want.

That’s why modern SEO includes developing quality content that drives action and user engagement. It’s also factored into fundamental matters such as site design, user navigation and information architecture. Together these work to optimally convey your message and guide your visitors to your required course of action.


Statistics that Matter

To determine the quality of your service, consider the following statistics:

Number of Returning Visitors

Having visitors return to your site is a positive sign you’re doing something right. It indicates your content is what they’re looking for. Just be sure to update it with the latest happenings in your industry. Otherwise your repeat visitors might start drying up.

Time Spent on Your Site

This key statistic accessible in your Google Analytics shows how engaging your web pages are. If your visitors are spending several minutes on each page, your content is obviously working. Keep a close eye on these numbers to ensure you’re on track with your content strategy.

Bounce Rates

The bounce rate refer to the number of visitors who leave your site after visiting only the page they landed on. Google surmises that a quality site is worth exploring. You can improve your bounce rate through the use of some deft SEO techniques.

Good Sydney SEO Takes Time

It can be frustrating when starting to try and rank a new website. It can be months before your start seeing the kind of rankings and visitor numbers you want. However though a relentless focus on quality, you’ll gain the kinds of desirable organic links that Google values. In the process, the status of your site along with its ranking in the SERPs will rise and stay high.

This kind of SEO results in a website that provides your visitors with the kind of quality experience that turns them into loyal customers. That way everybody wins.

For the kind of search engine optimisation and online marketing strategies that bring lasting results, get in touch with the specialists at Smart SEO today.

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