What the Changing World of SEO Means for Your Business

If you’re an Australian business owner involved in online marketing, you may have been puzzled by the SEO scene over the last few years. Whatever happened to such factors as paid links, page rank fervour and more recently, guest posting?


After a succession of radical Google updates have rendered many search engine optimisation practices redundant, you may begin to wonder if Search Engine Optimisation itself has run its course.

You may even be wondering if it can help you anymore. Rest assured, Australian SEO is alive and well. It just looks a little different nowadays.

The whole landscape of SEO has undergone a massive shift over recent years as formerly mainstream practices such as aggressive link building and hyper on-page optimisation have been rendered null and void by search engine algorithms.

However, the fact is that as long as there are search engines, this will be a key component of any online marketing venture. It’s just that the world has to adapt and is indeed doing so.

It’s in the process of shifting from a methodology based on algorithms and finding ways to game the search engines to one focused on satisfying the user. Here are some of the features of the new face of Search Engine Optimisation:


It is becoming increasingly integrated with the overall marketing process as well as design and navigation of the site. Social integration is also of key importance with users increasingly using social media for product recommendations and sharing user experiences that influence buying decisions.


Useful, relevant content has always been at the heart of the online experience. After all, ultimately, people go online for information. Content development long took a back seat to such techniques such as link building for some time but now Google has placed it firmly in the hot seat where it belongs.

Now over 80% of B2C ventures focus content marketing as it’s proven so effective. The percentage for B2B sites is even higher as their customers depend on having the right information to make buying decisions.

What’s more last year’s Hummingbird update means that quality content now means more than just having the keywords in the right places. Creating top tier content is the best investment you can make in the future of your business.


As more and more Australians access the Internet through mobile devices such as tablets, it becomes necessary to ensure their online experience. Other than design and navigation issues, content can be specially optimised for small screens

Google has always said its ultimate goal is to provide searchers with exactly what they’re looking for and that’s what the new style Search Engine Optimisation seeks to achieve.

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