Why Black Hat Methods Are Bad for Search Engine Optimisation Australia

Attaining a first page ranking is a high priority for businesses throughout Sydney and Australia. This is why some are willing to resort to less than honourable methods to get the page ranking they desire. These are known as Black Hat SEO practices. These search engine optimisation Australia methods can increase your page ranking unnaturally, but that does not make it a good idea. Not only can these methods of search engine optimisation Sydney companies use create impermanent results, but they can also get your site banned from the search engines.

How You Get Caught

Search engines are becoming extremely skilled at catching dishonest web developers for using Black Hat methods. The algorithms used to determine page ranking are being written to not only discover the best search engine optimisation Australia uses, but to locate those using Black Hat methods as well. When the search engine optimisation Sydney companies use is determined to be an unnatural method, the site will be delisted so that no one will be able to find the site through the search engine. This literally takes the website off the map for the majority of people.

The Costs of Being Delisted

When a site is delisted, the only way to recover is to completely restart. The total cost of starting a website is normally more than it would have cost to use White Hat SEO methods. In many cases, businesses that have been delisted will not recover. Before falling victim to the agencies offering search engine optimisation Australia promises of a first page ranking, find out how they do it. If they site providing the search engine optimisation Sydney is looking for using tricks, you may want to seek out Smart SEO instead. They use only organic SEO methods to promote your website.

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