More SEO Myths to Be Aware Of

Following on from last week’s post on search engine optimisation myths that could hinder your online marketing in Sydney, here’s another batch of SEO lore that you need to be aware of.


SEO is a One-Off Job

If your SEO consultant rubs his hands together and confidently asserts his job is done, you should start to panic. Optimising websites is an ongoing process and not one you can set and forget.

Not only is building an online marketing website an ongoing process but the whole competitive and SEO environment is in a constant state of flux. Threats and opportunities arise all the time so you need an expert SEO to keep an eye on things. Just think, Google makes around 700 algorithmic changes a year and some can have profound effects on the status of your web site.

SEO is a job for your IT Department

SEO may involve computers and networks but at its heart, it’s a subset of online marketing. This is easy to overlook as search engine optimising is a new and specialised discipline. As such, it demands a unique set of skills and methodologies that your regular IT employee is unlikely to possess. If you want your site to rank well and provide the right user experience, professional SEO is crucial.

The Primary Goal of SEO is to Help Your Site Get Found

Though fundamentally true, we would add the salient fact that it has to be found by the right people. If you have an ecommerce site, you want to have buyers, not information seekers, for example. Should you sell tiles and your visitors just come to read your entertaining articles on the history of flooring, then your SEO has failed.

Attracting the right kind of visitor is important as modern marketing is becoming increasingly niched and specialised. This means that prospects have to be targeted precisely through careful research into keywords and the competitive environment.

Moreover, when visitors arrive on your site, they should find exactly what they’re searching for. Your SEO team needs to work with designers, content strategists, and usability experts to ensure this happens.

SEO is a ‘One Size Fits All’ Undertaking

Every web site is different and needs to be handled individually. That’s why you need to retain an SEO firm with experience working with a wide variety of projects. You should be suspicious of any SEO firm that offers an “SEO in a box” package and asserts they have just the right system for you without first carrying out a thorough survey of your needs.

The world of online marketing is a complex one for which you need very specialised help. Sydney online marketing and SEO experts SmartSEO have the expertise and experience to deliver the online marketing results you deserve. Get in touch today.

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