Email Marketing Australia: Understanding Proper Etiquette

While email marketing has certainly been proven effective as an Internet marketing tool, all too often it is misused. This misuse has given Australian email marketing a bad reputation, making it difficult for reputable businesses to use it to their benefit. When you’re ready to launch a successful e-marketing campaign, you’ll want to understand the dos and don’ts of the process in order to avoid misuse.

1. Get Permission

This point cannot be stressed enough. Before you start an email marketing campaign, ensure you are sending emails only to people that have given you permission to do so. Failure to comply with this can irreparably damage your reputation and your business. One big “don’t” is to collect contact information from bulk providers that didn’t specifically give your business permission to send marketing materials. Only send emails to an audience that signed up to receive emails from your business.

2. Don’t Buy Email Contacts

This goes along with point 1. Buying email contacts is a common practice, but that doesn’t make it an honourable one. When you buy email contacts, recipients of your emails are liable to feel violated and offended, which won’t serve your business well. Only use contacts that you have gained through your mailing list or subscriber services on your site.

3. No SPAM!

No one likes seeing his or her spam folder filled with hundreds of unwanted emails. When you send out too many emails, this is where you’re likely to end up. Instead, send out emails periodically, as needed. This will ensure your audience receives the emails and will help you avoid the dreaded spam folder.

4. Offer an Unsubscribe Option

When creating email marketing, Australia businesses must include an unsubscribe option. By allowing your readers to unsubscribe, you are ensuring that your contact list includes only those readers that truly want to receive the emails.

5. Always Proofread

Before you send out your Australian email marketing, make sure you proofread your email. This will help you avoid typos, broken links, and other issues that could damage your reputation.

6. Personal Replies

When you receive an inquiry from a reader, it’s important to send a personal reply. This will create a connection with the customer and allow you to create a positive experience. Don’t send out automated responses.

Hire Internet Marketing Professionals for your Australian Email Marketing Campaign

When it’s time to broaden your reach to the world of email marketing, you’ll want to ensure you have the right strategy in place. When you hire professionals, you won’t have to worry about the don’ts of the process. You can focus on providing personal responses and attending to the needs of your customers. At Smart SEO, you’ll find the help you need to create a solid email marketing campaign in order to achieve the results you’re after.

Email marketing etiquette

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