Boost your SEO Efforts with a Hotfrog Australia Listing

Local SEO is definitely a plus for any brick and mortar store, but very frankly, just about any business will benefit from additional local exposure. In this respect, Hotfrog is one local directory that you can showcase or list your business on; it gives your company or retail operations more exposure. This is one of the few Australian directories that approve only genuine quality businesses. At Smart SEO this becomes an integral part of our other SEO techniques that help spotlight your location on Google.

What is Hotfrog Australia?

Hotfrog Australia is essentially a free online business directory that allows visitors to find services and products in their own location. It is one of the most popular and widely-used local directory listing resources in the country. What’s important to note is that unlike a number of other sites, it provides free listing and has a very user-friendly procedure of adding your listing as is seen in this Slideshare Tutorial. Once you have entered all the details and registered your business, you can then also add other information such as contact details, service & products, images, updates or news related to your business.

The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to using Hotfrog Australia:

  • A Local SEO strategy improves Google search traffic
  • It provides referral traffic straight from all your business listings; this makes it a very important component of our SEO Packages
  • Any kind of business can benefit from Local SEO (even the smallest of plumbing businesses, or local retail stores etc)
  • A Local SEO strategy makes your local businesses visible & available to your target audience who are looking for your particular service or product , in real time
  • When  you use directories like Hotfrog Australia, there aren’t any hit-and-miss attempts, such as the ones that occur when you try advertising via local newspapers or even  large-scale leaflet distribution
  • Almost 65% of local customers largely use online search engines & directories to find different local business. In comparison only 28% use traditional paper directories to source local information

High Conversion Rates

When you add services and products on your Hotfrog Australia page (and you have a niche market), the feature can be the ideal way of attracting relevant/highly-specific traffic to your own listing page & from there, straight to your website. Market research has proved that local directory marketing has much higher conversion rates compared to other conventional options and many businesses on Hotfrog report upto a 50% conversion. This kind of a conversion rate can give a distinct boost to your business.

In effect this means that out of 2 leads, 1 will be converted into a customer. For all your SEO needs and keeping your Hotfrog Australia directory listing updated and in sync with all your online marketing efforts, contact Smart SEO via this online form. You can also speak with us at 1300 641 849.

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