Crafting the Words that Persuade and Sell

Henry Ford once said that said that quality meant doing it right when no one was looking. When developing content for your online marketing efforts, you don’t have that luxury.

When you put your words up on your site, you can be sure that Google is looking along with your visitors. But we can take a leaf from Ford’s book by making our content the best it can be.

This is vital because your online copy is a central factor influencing your rankings and conversions. The words on your web pages have to convince the search engines your site is relevant for related queries as well as convert your visitors into buyers and faithful customers. That’s quite a task, so how do you go about doing it?

Focus on Your Visitor

When crafting your copy it’s tempting to focus on how great your product is and how wonderful your company is. But what your visitor wants to know is what’s in it for him. In other words, lay on the benefits.

Show him how your product or service can make his life better and back it up with some solid proof. That way you influence both his heart and his head. People buy on emotion and it helps build the bond that keeps him coming back.


Use the Right Buyer Keywords and Modifiers

In today’s SEO environment you have to avoid any suggestion of keyword overuse or stuffing. One way to help do this and also infuse your copy with the right buyer keywords is through the judicious use of modifiers.

Modifiers are words and phrases you add on to your main keywords to help refine the meaning and attract the kind of shoppers you want. If you’re selling ceramic tiles you could add on a range of modifiers of location, quality, and commercial intent, for example.

Thus ‘ceramic tiles’, ‘ceramic tiles in Sydney’, best ceramic tiles in Sydney’, ‘Sydney ceramic tiles best deals online’ and so on. You could also add in synonyms to avoid excessive keyword density. e.g. ‘best sydney floor tiles’.

To do this successfully requires some quality keyword research at the beginning. Ask your Australian online marketing experts for help.

Reduce Anxiety

Done well, your content has convinced your visitor that your solution is right for them. But now as they get closer to clicking the order button, their main worry is whether they can trust you.

Authoritative text goes a long way towards establishing your credibility. You should also establish empathy by showing your fully understand your reader’s situation and concerns. Using stories and sharing personal experiences also works well to build trust and rapport.

Quality content powers ecommerce so make sure you get it right by relentlessly focusing on your customer’s needs.

For complete ecommerce solutions and powerful copywriting to drive your Australian online marketing ventures, contact Sydney’s SmartSEO today.

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