Developing “Interest” in AdWords Ads

In the first two parts of our series on using the AIDA (attention-interest-desire-action) framework to craft our AdWords ads, we looked at how you could use a cunning headline to lure your prospect to check out your message.

Now that you’ve grabbed the searcher’s attention with your headline, it’s time to build interest – the second part of AIDA.

Always bear in mind that the purpose of a PPC ad is not to sell, but to get the click. For that, we have to get our visitor to continue reading down to the bottom where our call-to-action lies.


What’s the best way to do this?

First, be clear about what you’re promising your prospect. This is your unique value proposition. It’s the relationship between what you’re pitching and what the prospect wants. To uncover the latter, you have to determine searcher intent and link it to the relevant part of our offer.

To find intent, start with the keywords you’re bidding on. Each of your ad groups should have been formulated with regard to the type of search query. It’s a good idea to think in terms of the buyer journey when crafting your AdWords ads. At its simplest, we can divide this journey into the research, consideration and buying phases.

Searchers in the Research Phase

Searchers know they want a specific flooring – tiles, but don’t know what type. Typical search terms would be:

“Best Sydney floor tiles”
“Sydney floor tile ideas”

Our headline could be one of the above search terms. In the first description line, we need to build interest by confirming that we offer what the searcher is looking for. So a possible ad opening would be:

Best Sydney Floor Tiles
Best Ideas on Tiles for Your Home

Searchers in the Consideration Phase.

This type of searcher has a clearer idea of what he wants but is still unsure of which brand or style he should choose. These queries will contain words such as “comparison”, “information”, “best”, “best brands”, and so on. Your goal here is to assure him you can satisfy his information needs. For example:

Best Sydney Tile Brands
We Stock All Tile Types & Sizes

Searchers in the Buying Phase

Buyers know exactly what they want and are just looking for the best price and bonuses such as low-cost delivery or installation. You can also use brand names here.

If our phrase is “Cheapest Sydney floor tiles”, obviously we have to promise low prices. So our ad could be something like:

Cheapest Sydney Floor Tiles
Best prices in Town | Free Delivery

When it comes to crafting the “interest” section of an AdWords ad, you really have to do it in conjunction with part 3 – “desire”. Done properly, interest gives rise to desire but that’s a topic for next week’s post.

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