5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Rankings

If you’re like most Sydney SEOs, you spend a lot of time fretting over your clients’ rankings. A move into the top ten is a cause for celebration; a drop off page one is a cue for soul searching.

If you experience a drop in rankings for specific keywords, here are five simple actions you can take. The good news is that they’ll also help improve the overall quality of the site.

Update the Content on the Page

Go over the page in question and look for ways to make it more informative or engaging. Other than adding text, you can also try other types of media. You might add relevant images, infographic, or a video.

Adding engaging content not only brings the spiders back; it also keeps human visitors on the page longer. They also tend to share on social media. These are among the metrics Google has incorporated into its ranking algorithm.

Optimise Load Speed

It’s been a few years since Google announced their algorithm was taking site-loading speed into account. Again, it’s all part of providing a quality user experience.

You can use various online tools to gauge the lead speed of a site. Then you can optimise images and tweak the source code to improve things.

Improve Your ‘Call to Action’

Most visitors to your pages will arrive via the SERPs. Anything you can do to distinguish your search engine listing will help with clickthrough rates. Your two main weapons are meta tags and semantic mark-up.

It’s a good idea to include some power words such as ‘free’, ‘how to’, and ‘tips’ in your description tag. Such words promise benefits are like click magnets.

Using rich snippets to enhance your search results listing is another technique that can boost clicks. If your client runs an online store, you could use schema to display details of sales or promotions, for example.

Optimise Internal Linking

Internal linking can help boost the ranking for selected key phrases. You need to do this gradually though so that it seems naturally. These days, of course, you need to vary your anchor text.

Make Sure Your Site Design is Responsive

More and more Australian web users are going online with mobile devices. Make sure your site is designed to render well on small screens. Other than providing a quality user experience, this will also boost time on sites and bounce rates and ultimately, the ranking.

Today’s savvy Australian SEOs don’t fret about rankings as much as they used to, at least for the main keywords. With an increasing volume of visitors arriving from long tail and unique queries, traffic volume is the metric to pay attention to now. However the above tips will help with the overall quality of your site and that counts for a lot.


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