What is SEO? How We Can Help You Leave the Competition Behind

If you’re new to the Internet, it’s easy to get confused with so many new, unknown terms being thrown your way. As a business, gaining an understanding of the online marketplace is essential to your ability to remain competitive in a highly digitised world. One of the fundamentals of creating your online presence will be SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. More than likely, you’ve heard this term as you set out to build online success. You may think to yourself, “What is SEO?” but the answer isn’t as elusive as it may seem.

The Basics

In the beginning of your online journey, you’ll want to simply gain a basic understanding of it. In the simplest terms, SEO is a process by which experts are able to improve the volume and quality of website traffic by utilising various techniques. These techniques will help websites like yours achieve high Google rankings through the use of specific keywords and keyword phrases.

In order to better understand what this means, consider your own search habits when browsing on the Internet. If, for example, you are searching for a dog groomer in your local area of Sydney, you might search Google for “dog groomers in Sydney”. The results yielded in this search will reflect businesses that have utilised that keyword phrase (or a similar phrase) throughout the web content.

How Do We Achieve High Rankings?

Because the goal of your website will be to increase revenue, you’ll need a steady flow of quality traffic. In order to gain a steady flow of quality traffic, you’ll need a top-notch strategy in place. That’s where Australia professionals come into play. With the right team on the job, your questions about “what is SEO” will be a thing of the past. Here are a few key elements of your successful strategy:

  • Analysis: Before your strategy can be put into place, your team must analyse your business and your target market in order to identify areas of opportunity. Through this analysis, the search engine optimisation process can begin.
  • Keyword Research: Because keywords are an integral part of the success of any strategy, keyword research must be conducted before your strategy can be put into place. This will help you utilise the most effective keywords to drive the results you want.
  • Copywriting: Without quality content, your strategy won’t see much success. copywriting is crucial to your ability to stand out from the competition and gain the results you’re after. Your content should include the keywords and phrases identified in the research.
  • Link Building: Quality links will drive traffic back to your site and boost your search engine ranking.

From the Experts

When you’re ready to begin the search engine optimisation process, you’ll want experts on the job. At Smart SEO, you’ll find a team of highly trained professionals waiting to implement an effective strategy for your business.

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