The Latest Buzz on Web Content Keeps SEO Marketers on Their Toes

The Latest Buzz on Web Content Keeps SEO Marketers on Their Toes

Many of you may be ready to pull your hair out if you hear the word content one more time. Rest assured you are not the only ones and only the most in the know Full Service SEO Company Australia watches will be able to gauge the next trend. Here are a few trends to be worried about:

Employee Buzz

You’ve heard the horror stories about disgruntled employees using Facebook and Twitter to get even with their evil employers. It’s bad enough when a disgruntled customer does it, but disgruntled staff can do just as much damage and often more if they have something damaging to say. That aside, there is a growing trend towards employee branding on a positive side via social media and employees can sometimes be your best promoters. Offering tips to staff on how and what to say will help get this trend to work in your favour.

Customer Buzz

Along the same lines of listening to what employees have to say, using social media to listen to what customers have to say can help in identifying what they want to hear. You can look to conversations on Social Media sites to get ideas for great content that they will actually want to read. Ignoring them will just get them angry and make you seem like you don’t care. Not good.

Gamer Buzz

People are turning to their smart phones and other devices every few seconds looking for something to do. The desire to be engaged is habit forming and offering something for customers to do will keep them forever in your debt. Even though your company has nothing to do with gaming, finding clever games, quizzes and other interactive Apps that can engage customers on your site is an obvious traffic driver with big stick potential. It’s also a super challenge for you and your SEO marketers.

The guarantee SEO Australia companies offer can certainly be easier to honour with these rising trends helping to drive traffic to your site.

SEO Puzzle

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