How to Compete with the Big Brands

As a small Australian business, do you feel discouraged that you can’t compete online with the big boys? If you skim through the search results and find those prime top ranking positions taken by large firms with massive marketing budgets, don’t fret. Here are some ways to help you level the playing field.

Capitalise on Your Local Presence

One thing you have that the major players don’t is a local presence in your area. If you’re a Melbourne flower supplier, you know your local market in a way firms without a local presence never will, however large their marketing departments. You can identify niches they’ll never find and create relationships that last.

Remember that not everyone wants to do business with a large faceless corporation. In fact, many web surfers prefer the friendly local touch so make sure you offer it.

Optimise for Individuality

Optimise your site for more targeted keywords that will draw customers in your local market. These types of visitors will convert better and are likely to become loyal customers.

Be sure to build links judiciously. Make sure they’re from reputable and relevant sites. A few high-quality links is worth so much more than a mass of hastily created links of dubious origin. In addition, don’t neglect to create listings in relevant local web directories.

Don’t forget to invest in responsive web design to cater to the growing user group who access the net on mobile devices. It’s a simple and extensive procedure that ensures you’ll remain compliant for this important set of customers.

Get the Basics Right

Ultimately, your success depends on you having a quality offer and a website that allows searchers to easily find what they’re looking for and to take appropriate action.

The prime key to your success will be content that allows you to connect with your target customers. Develop web content that answers readers’ questions and convinces them you have the answer to their problems. Focus on them and their needs and not how wonderful you are.

Don’t neglect social media as a way to spreading the word. Having an updated Google + and/or Facebook page is a fast and simple way to keep in touch with your market.

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Take Action

One benefit you have over large firms is flexibility. You can change your site fast and test until you get the results you want. So don’t feel intimated by the huge SEO and marketing budgets large firms have at their disposal. Focus on your strengths and unique position. Then take action to carve out your section of the market. The big players won’t know what hit them.

If you want to rank, attract targeted traffic and convert browsers into buyers, get in touch with the right experts to help you do just that.

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