How a S.M.A.R.T Brief Can Help You Get the Results You Want

If you’re an Australian business looking into giving your online presence a boost in the search results, you’re in need of effective SEO service. Only professionals who work with the search engines on a daily basis and keep abreast with the almost constant upheaval in the industry can optimise your site so that it best achieves its objectives.

The problem is how to make clear what it is you want to achieve through your campaign. It’s a complex field, especially for the layman. But the success of your venture depends absolutely on how precise you are about what you want from your chosen firm.

The elegant solution is through the use of a brief. Also known as a request for proposal, it takes the form of a document that outlines your existing business and what you hope to achieve from SEO. A clear and detailed brief will also help firms prepare a realistic quote for their services.

An brief covers such key matters as details of your business operations, who your competitors are, the scope of your business (local or international) and who are your target customers. However, some of the most useful information you provide will the in the form of your objectives.

To determine these, you need to sit down and decide exactly how you want your enhanced online presence to benefit your business. Your objectives should follow the SMART model of being specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

If you run a day spa, for example, you may wish to aim for a doubling of massage customers over the next three months.

Armed with this information, an expert might choose to create a page offering discount memberships for new customers and optimise that page with high quality content to ‘sell’ the experience.

He would first carry out keyword and competitive analysis to determine the potential for traffic and decide on a range of primary, secondary and longtailed phrases that he feels would give you the best results. He could also decide if pay per click advertising was a viable option in your particular case.

Once the page was in place, he would then do some judicious linkbuilding to help with ranking and organic traffic. He might also setup a Facebook page and a Twitter feed to allow you to communicate better with current and potential customers. Other options would be to create a video to post on YouTube and other video sites.

As you can appreciate, the more through and accurate the information you give your specialist, the more able he will be to create a plan of action that will work for you. So when you’re ready for SEO, think about what you realistically want to achieve to your business, and don’t forget to be S.M.A.R.T.


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