Making the Most of your Content

When you create a new item of content for your site, do you just publish and hope for the best? If so, you’re probably not maximising your online marketing efforts.

You invested a lot in your content either in time through writing it yourself or in the money paid to a content creator. It makes sense, then, to get the most from it. Here are some techniques to help ensure you getting the maximum mileage from all the content you create.

Powerful Promotion

Nowadays, your content has to work hard to get noticed and get your message out. Creating content that’s truly unique, targeted and useful is the first key step to make sure it gets shared.

Keep the idea of sharing in mind when planning and creating your content. Knowing who you want to reach and what action you want them to take can also help make your content more focused and productive. End every piece with a question or call to action to spur user interaction.

The first thing to do is to post it on social media. Tweeting it out can bring in a stream on instant traffic for posts of value. Try to include a ‘tweetable quote’ in every post.

Posting a link on your Facebook page can bring is steady traffic as your followers check into their pages.

You also want to encourage your readers to promote it for you so be sure to include sharing buttons on every page. One important factor with social media is that it’s very important to get the meta data right. Open Graph tags are especially important nowadays.

Be sure to accommodate many networks as different types of reader have their own favourites. B2B users are more likely to share on LinkedIn, for example. If you’re trying to promote, say, your interior design services then taking a more graphical approach with Pinterest would be a good strategy.

You can also alert the mavens in your industry as to the existence of your new content. It it’s truly valuable, they may broadcast the link to their followers.


The Power of Repurposing and Updating

A regular content audit will unearth various ways to recycle and repurpose your posts. This process can breathe new life into them. You can use them to create such items as ebooks and brochures, FAQ pages, and email series.

Regular audits will allow you to keep an eye on posts or topics that are ripe to be extended or followed up. It’s a smart strategy to look for ways to update older posts in the light of new information or trends.

Get your content promotion strategy right and you’ll gain a significant traffic boost. If you need help with your SEO including content strategy, get in touch with the Sydney online marketing experts at SmartSEO today.

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