How to Craft “About Pages” that Inspire

What’s the most important page on the websites you design for your clients? You’ll probably agree it’s the main landing page.

How about the second most important? That takes a little more thought, but if you answered “the about page”, you’d be spot on.

As Sydney specialist web designers, are you paying enough attention to the about pages on your client’s sites? Read on to find out all about why you should be.

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Why Your “About Page” is So Important

Check your stats and you’ll probably find the About Page ranks among the most-visited pages on your site. That’s understandable as people like to know whom they’re dealing with.

A proper about page showcases your brand and builds connection and trust. It engages your visitors and guides them gently to take action.

Though the title of the page is “about us”, it really should be about them – the visitors. That’s because your visitor is interested in you to the extent you can help him. He wants to know what value you can add to his life and why are you worth doing business with.

Every time you refer to yourself, you should do so only in terms of how you can help the end user. You client may be proud to have been in business for 20 years but for the visitor, that’s only important as an indicator of competence.

Features of the Perfect About Page


If the headline of your about page is “About Us”, it’s time for a rethink. Your headline functions to draw the visitor into your copy. For that reason it should offer a major benefit, a strong promise and reason for reading on.

Body Text

Like any body copy, it should follow the standard tenets of layout with short paragraphs and sentences. Sub headlines are a must to guide skimmers down the page.

Your content has to be engaging, reflects the organisation and brand, and show its personality. For a firm of lawyers it should resonate with efficiency, a tile vendor’s text should have a homely feel, and a coffee shop targeting young professionals should crackle with smart banter and so on.

Call to Action

Be sure to have a call to action whether to sign up for your list or newsletter or to view your latest products.


Including photographs of key players in the organisation is a must. Avoid stock photos at all costs. Those portraits of impossibly attractive models smiling at the camera fool no one.

These days you need to do all you can to help your client’s stand out in a crowded online world. Do the above and you’ll give them an about page that’s the kind of conversion powerhouse they’ll love.

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