Google Keyword Planner Continues to Evolve

When the Google Keyword Planner replaced the venerable Google Keyword Tool last year, a lot of grumbling was heard in the webmaster and online marketing forums. After all, the GKT had become a familiar face for most of us involved with Google advertising online.

However, once accustomed to the new layout and features, most users conceded it was a solid tool with some useful enhancements. Meanwhile in line with Google’s commitment to test, tweak, and evolve, they recently made some major improvements, which promise enhanced usage and data.

Through intended primarily for AdWords advertisers active with Google advertising online, the GKP also offers many insights for those involved with general SEO work.

Here’s a look at some of the more useful and interesting changes. First, let’s examine the mobile enhancements.


Visualising Mobile Trends

The relentless rise in Internet access via mobile devices drove the need to capture more versatile information on mobile usage trends. You can now access average monthly search trends for mobile use as a total and percentage of the whole.

Moreover, you can breakdown the data by device and targeted location. You can get percentages for searches made by computer, mobile devices with full browsers, and tablets with full browsers.

Geographical Enhancements

If precision of location is important to you, you’ll welcome the ability to break down locations and show estimated volumes for each. Being able to view sub geographical locations is vital if you’re involved with precise geographical targeting.

These enhancements are excellent for carrying out various types of sophisticated market research. You could check out which areas have existing sales volume for a product before launching there, for example.

Time Visualisation Enhancements

You now have the option to get keyword data and volume figures for specific time periods in the form of a bar chart. This allows a clear and immediate picture of trends over time. Holding your mouse over the bars brings up specific numbers.

Another key new feature for data buffs is the ability to compare search statistics to time periods such as ‘same period last year’ or your own custom period. It’s a neat way to see changes over time for search volume.

Another nice upgrade is for the filtering system. You can to highlight key phrases that are already in your account and/or plan, for instance.

As you can see, the new enhancements allow you to get an immediate picture of key statistics regarding device, place and time. For AdWords advertisers, especially those looking to fine tune their campaigns, this is invaluable information.

With the new enhancements, you have the potential to gain deeper insights into some important keyword data. Delve into the new features now and get reasdy to improve your Google advertising online campaigns.

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