Adwords Writing Tips – Getting Ready to Craft Some Winners

It’s no surprise that Google Adwords was a roaring success from the start.

Finally, a system appeared which offered vendors and publishers the chance to quickly get a totally relevant and focused message out to highly a targeted market. What’s more, it did everything in a cost effective way that offered advertisers complete control over every facet of their ad campaigns.

Today’s AdWords is far more sophisticated and also much more competitive. To succeed in today’s PPC world you need a sure touch and a lot of experience and savvy to craft campaigns that are consistently profitable.


Copywriting – The Key Skill

To be successful at PPC, you need to develop many kinds of expertise. But however much you learn about the mechanics of AdWords, at the end of the day, it’s the quality of your ad that determines your success.

Writing effective PPC ads is a genuine challenge as you have so little space to work with. You need to formulate an ad that’s not only relevant but also keyword optimised and worded to persuade the viewer to click through.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

When it comes to writing PPC ads, you should never start cold but first survey what’s happening in your market sector. Today we’re going to look at some ways to prepare for writing by seeing what others in your market at doing. By doing this we can piggyback on their successes and avoid their failures.

Surveying the Competition

You could just go to Google, type in your keywords and see what comes up. Another method is to use the Google Ad Preview Tool at (You’ll need to be logged into your Adwords account.)


Here’s another tip. Check out any interesting title and description tags in the organic listings for inspiration. Proper title tags should be formed just like the best AdWords ads to entice searchers to click through.

A smarter way is to use It comes with limited free versions and a comprehensive paid program for power users. Choose your country (Australia’s an option), enter a domain, keyword or URL, and see what comes up.

Using Keyword Spy lets you get under the hood of your competitors’ campaigns, discover their winning keywords, find the negative keywords you need, and get abundant ideas of how to craft AdWords ads that get clicked. In the meanwhile, you save time and money in not having to carry out your own testing procedures.

Armed with all this information you’re in a strong position to begin writing your own AdWords ads. Next week, we’ll look at how to put together winning ads with enticing headlines and powerful calls to action. Stay tuned.

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