Tapping into Taglines for Recognition, Trust and Conversions

If someone asked you what your business was about, could you answer them in one crisp, resonant phrase? If not, it’s time you spent some time crafting your tagline.

It’s a crucial matter to get right as success in today’s Internet marketing world hinges on two factors – standing out with a unique offer and creating trust. Done properly, taglines can help you with both.

What are Taglines?

Your tagline is a concise summary of your business that reveals what makes you so special. They’ve been called the ‘haiku of branding’ for their brevity and potency.

Taglines can help spread your brand and identity virally. In fact, the best taglines become part of popular culture. Just think of phrases such as “Just Do It”, “Connecting People” and “We Try Harder”.

Crafting the right tagline is a vital first step in developing your online presence. It should be the base on which your whole campaign hangs driving your content strategy and social engagement.

Your tagline should appear on your website header and thus on every page of your site. That way it becomes the base of your online marketing identity and stick in the visitor’s mind.

How to Create an Effective Tagline

When it comes to creating a tagline for your company or one of your clients, you can do no better than follow the formula offered by Copyblogger, namely:

Tagline = Mission + Benefit + Pizazz.

Your Mission

Your mission (generally encapsulated in a statement that appears on your about page) is your reason for being. It’s your theme, your vision, your heart and soul, your core values, why you’re there on the web. Here’s Google’s mission statement; it’s well worth bearing in mind: “To make the world’s information universally accessible and useful”.

Your Benefits

Let’s face it, people aren’t coming to your site because they like you (though eventually they surely will). They’re there because your can help them with their problems. In other words, you offer them benefits. Uncover and refine exactly what pain points you’re helping with and find a way to incorporate them into your tagline.


And what of the pizazz? That’s the special feature that sets you apart and captures your customer’s imagination. Spend a lot of time unearthing your USP and work it into your tagline.

That’s a lot of information to put into one short phrase that’s memorable unique and focused on your core strength. Certainly, crafting the right tagline takes time, effort, creativity and a deep understanding of your business and the market in which your operate. However, the rewards are commensurate. Do it well and your online marketing efforts will soar.

If you need help with crafting a tagline that resonates with your market or any other aspect of your Internet marketing ventures, contact SmartSEO for some creative advice.

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