Creating Content for B2B Customers

Do you market your products and services to other businesses? One of the most vital SEO Services you need for B2B success is the right kind of content.

You know that content is the lifeblood of your online marketing venture and that done well, it’s the best way to bring in the traffic and leads your business needs. What you may not know is how to create the right content for (B2B) customers. Here are some guidelines.

Firstly, remember you’re targeting business owners and executives who are extremely savvy and well-versed in their field and in the market. This is especially so if you’re dealing with corporate buyers who intimately know the prices and specifications of most of products and suppliers.

This means you don’t need to sell them on the basics. What you must focus on is proving that you offer the value that they’re looking for.

Other than keen prices, this includes factors such as reliability, timely delivery, rock solid guarantees, and ongoing quality communication. List those things your company can deliver on and make sure they’re prominently stressed in your content.


Quality Rules

B2B sites demand content of the highest order. Any grammatical errors, confusing or misleading statements, typos of spelling mistakes and you’re branded an amateur. Also beware of providing thin content. Professional buyers require comprehensive information before making decisions so be sure your text delivers

This means your content needs the clarity that informs and the authority that impresses and reassures. It has to be based on a solid information architecture and complimented by other SEO services such as on page optimisation.

However, this doesn’t mean you words have to be formal and dull. B2B readers appreciate lively, engaging content that shows them the benefits that your products and services can offer. Stories about how your products or company came into being can be very inspirational, for example.

By putting up some engaging and thought provoking copy you might well catch the attention of a browsing executive jaded from reading spec sheets and tedious case studies. Of course you need to provide those as well but it works better after initial engagement.

Media variety can also help. Though most of your content will be your on-page text, you can also include video, images, podcasts, white papers, eBooks, infographics, and social media output.

As with all forms of marketing both online and off, you have to work with your target visitor firmly in mind. What’s he really looking for and how can you convince him you can provide it?

It’s a tall order but once your content is in place it will work for you at all stages of the buying cycle from creating awareness to nurturing prospects and finally making the sale. That’s why it’s worth investing in.

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