Long Tail Keywords: Why Are They Important to Your SEO Strategy?

Establishing your presence online involves the effective use of multiple marketing strategies. With tens of millions of companies trying to stand out from the crowd, it’s tough to gain the notice of target customers in order to find the success you’re after. Keywords are a critical component of any marketing strategy. When hiring a provider of SEO services in Australia, you may want to choose a company with an understanding of how to most effectively use keywords to set your site apart from others.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords?

An experienced search engine optimisation company will understand the importance of long tail keywords versus other SEO options. Long tail keywords are a keyword phrase that includes at least three and as many as five words. By choosing longer phrases rather than single words, it’s possible to refine your brand image and target a more specific group. Long tail keywords are highly specific, which is why expert search engine optimisation companies use them more than single words or shorter keyword phrases. As is shown in the image, 1-word phrases come with high cost and competition. As you move into longer phrases, your cost and risk go down and your conversion goes up.

How to Find the Best SEO in Australia

When you’re ready to set your business apart from the competition, you’ll want to hire a provider of SEO services in Australia with experience in all facets of marketing your business online. Website design, social media, SEO, long tail keywords, and other techniques work together to pave the way for success. At Smart SEO, you’ll find a team of forward-thinking SEO strategists with the know how to assist in creating compelling content, innovative website design, and a comprehensive marketing strategy. For a consultation from a Smart SEO Australia consultant, call 1300 641 849.

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