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How to Rank First Page on Google

Smart SEO Guarantees your website to Rank First Page in Google! How?

This information is designed to give you an overall feel as to how we can Guarantee First Page. Search Engine Optimisation requires a variety of techniques to get your website on the first page. Google basically ranks and sorts the websites by how relevant

There are a number of factors that go into your SEO (search engine optimisation) and increase you relevance to the keyword. These include (content writing, link building, on-site optimisation and local optimisation).

On-Site Optimisation

On-Site Optimisation or On-Page Optimisation is the process of going through the site and performing changes to better improve the rankings on the Search Engines. As part of on-site optimisation, Smart SEO will change the headings, title tags, Meta data, page content, links and navigation to better provide the search engines with appropriate content to achieve rankings.

For example, if you wish to rank for “Electrician Sydney” then Google needs to see this “keyword” littered throughout your site. Part of the SEO process is to increase the amount of keywords on your site and to make sure Google understands what keywords these are and increase the overall popularity and ranking of the site. The majority of the on-site optimisation is done on the backend of the website and is invisible to the typical user. For a typical client, these keywords would be placed in Titles, URLs, Headings, Alt Tags, Meta Data and throughout the content.

Content Writing

Content Writing or Copywriting is the process of increasing the overall content on the site. Google helps rank your site based on the amount of content you have on specific keywords. For example if your competitors have 20 articles of content regarding “Electrician Sydney” and you only have 3 pages on it, then Google is always going to rank your competitor higher! The content that we write will be added to either an “article area” on the site or within a “Wordpress blog” that we would install on your site. As time goes within an SEO campaign, Smart SEO is continually writing more and more content on the website. New videos, new content, new images and new blog posts are all ways of increasing the content on your website.

Link Building

The third area of Smart SEO’s SEO techniques is link building. Each link that points to your website, is basically seen by the Search Engines as a tick of recommendation. The more links you have pointing to your site, the more importantly Google sees your site and the higher you appear on Google’s Search Results. For example our friend the Electrician. His competitors have 10,000 inbound links with the keyword “Sydney Electricians” as the anchor tag, and his site only has 1,200 links. Who is going to rank higher? Links can be built from a variety of areas including:

  • International Directories
  • Australian Directories
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Commenting / Blogging
  • Article Directories

Local SEO Services
As part of our SEO procedure and this will depend on whether the client is targeting local or international results, Smart SEO may use the following SEO techniques to achieve local results. Search Engine Optimisation does factor in Google Maps and other local search directories. To appear higher in Google Maps, the following techniques may be used:

  • Regular Reviews on Google Maps
  • Photos / Videos on Maps Listing
  • Full address and services displayed on listing
  • Local Directory Listings built
  • Citation Links Created

The Smart SEO Company will rank your website on the First Page Guaranteed! How do we do it? Well using the above SEO techniques and a few more, we can rank your website on the first page, no matter what category. How about you call us today for a custom quote?

Nathanael Vanderkolk
Director of Smart SEO

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