Successful Logo Design in Australia

Logo design in Australia, as in any market, depends on purpose and design merging to create a tangible identification for your brand.

Becoming an Icon

Your logo is going to reflect who you are and what you have to offer. It becomes the face of your brand identity. Starting out, the golden arches did not mean much to anyone, but the golden arches have become synonymous with burgers and fries, good or bad, to all who see it globally. This is not to say your goal is to go global, it is just to say within your field and amidst your clients and competitors not only do you want your logo to stick, you want it to stick out.

Logo design

Any Similarities to this Logo…

You do not want to have the face of your business get lost in the crowd. You will want to research competitors and leaders in your field, but this does not mean you want to mimic them. Looking at successful brands in general will help you see a pattern of why their branding works. Here are some interesting facts on the world’s leading logos:

  • 84% use a clean, clear font
  • 74% use a single colour
  • 74% use letters, not symbols
  • 66% are rectangular

Font, Colour and Clout

Successful Internet marketing in Australia relies heavily on building brand integrity based on what you do and what you look like. If you want to get serious about branding, then the font and colour of your logo, in fact even the shape, should be seen in all you do. The headings on brochures, to the design of your website should carry the same font, colours and shapes throughout.

To stick out from the crowd can mean being subversive. Just because you are in the coffee business, doesn’t mean your logo should be brown. There is a psychology to colour that is both overt and covert. Likewise the font will visually influence what the eye sees, stoic or dynamic, fun or serious, expert or phony. In the end it will be pointed simplicity that wins the war.

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