Linkbuilding for Dull Industries

Here’s a conundrum. Google wants natural links, the kind of back links that other webmasters rush to build because your content is so inspiring. Fair enough.

But what if your client’s website is about ball bearings or piston rings? How do you inspire others to link to you in such cases? If you’re an Australian SEO racking your brains for ways to gather natural links for a client’s website, here are a few tips that should help.


Become the Resource for the Industry

One of the most viral types of content is the resource collection. You just gather all the information anyone would need to flourish in a particular industry and put it online.

Putting up a quality resource will attract and delight visitors and you’ll also find other companies, even your competitors, linking to it. To get these kinds of results though, make it the best it can be. Don’t just throw together a few items that everyone knows about.

Seek Out the Human Factor

We sometimes forget that even the most mundane of industries are run by humans. Moreover, very often the story behind the company is full of drama. For example, imagine you have a client that imports and installs tiles (yawn). Then you find out they started the company after a honeymoon in Italy where they say some beautiful ceramics they felt were perfect for Australian floors.

That’s a great angle and can really bring the company to life and get links from a wide range of sites about travel, weddings and Italian life. Of course, it’s always best to get a link from a site in the same or a closely related field. But a link is a link and if it’s natural, it’s well worth having.

Dig Out Startling Facts and Statistics

Every industry has its jaw dropping snippets of information, you just need to find them and create a riveting tweet, post or story. Are there really a million dust mites in the average carpet? Tell the world about it.

Seek Out the Drama in Solving Problems

Everything that’s sold works to solve a problem, even ball bearings. And every business owner struggled to get where he is today. All can be a source of wonderful fodder for press releases, social and guest posts, and site content that will attract visitors, comments, tweets and links.

So if you’re stuck with your linkbuilding strategy for a client in a boring line of work, don’t despair. Unearth all the facts about the background of the firm, do some lateral thinking to get some related angles, setup Google alerts to find topics about the industry, and keep an eye on trends and news. A few minutes of brainstorming will turn up some great content ideas. It’s as simple as that.

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