Landing page tweaks that can increase your conversion rate

You have a highly optimised website. Your SEO strategy is impeccable. You rank within top 10 search results. You have a highly effective PPC campaign that diverts a good amount of traffic to your website. What more could an online business ever desire!

But wait, when you check your conversion rate, you get disappointed.  Even after having a high traffic on your website, you fail to get the business that you expected. This may happen if your landing page fails to impress your visitors. Here are a few landing page changes that you can make to increase your conversion rate.

KISS (Keep it short and simple)

Landing pages are designed exclusively to attract the visitors so that they take interest in your business. This way, they help you generate more conversion. They are not intended to explain every aspect of your business. This is the reason why landing pages should be simple, crisp, and highly attractive. They should have least possible content. A short brief of your USPs is more than enough to get you more conversions. You can explain more details about your business in the other main pages of your website.

Tweak it to encourage people to trust you

If your landing page provides all possible details that people need to trust your business, you will most likely have a higher conversion rate. Such details could be your customer testimonials, social proofs, awards, certifications, accreditations, accomplishments, etc. When featured, this information will attract your potential customer and encourage them to try your products or services. You don’t need to clutter your home page with a lot of information and logo. Select the best ones and display them attractively on your landing page. Whatever information you choose to display, try to link them out to the sources where your potential customers would be able to verify your credibility. If you are displaying customer testimonials, make sure they are genuine. Never use fake testimonials, as customers can easily spot them out.

Have a short online form on your landing page

Your customers reached your landing page, they read about your USP, and then, they glanced through your awards and achievements. Now, they have started trusting you and they want to do business with you. The easiest way to help them get started is to have an online quote/query/enrolment/ subscription form on your landing page. Do not ask for too much information there. People are too lazy to fill up length forms. Also, many a times, they feel suspicious about forms that ask too much personal information. You can simply ask them their name, email address, and their phone number. This is enough information for you to reach them and discuss about their needs.

Have a live chat

There are people who may not even want to fill your online form. They may not even prefer calling you. To catch such potential customers, you can have live chat on your landing page. Live chat will help you start interaction with those customers who are interested, but are hesitating to start. By chatting live, you will be able to address their queries that would otherwise have forced them to leave your website.

Your landing page should be attractive enough to capture your potential customer’s attention within a few seconds. If it fails to impress them instantly, your business may find it difficult to survive.

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