Aussie Firms Lead the Way in Content Marketing

It’s official. Australian firms are not just highly active in the vital field of content marketing, but more of them employ a documented content strategy than do their counterparts in the US and UK.

According to recent research produced in partnership with the Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA), 93 percent of the Aussie companies surveyed use content marketing. Equally impressive is the statistic that fifty-two percent of them have a documented content strategy.

With content marketing now one of the most effective methods of ranking and getting traffic, that’s good news indeed.

Are You Making The Most Of Content Marketing?

You really should be as it offers a broad range of benefits. Content marketing is creating a big buzz in SEO and e commerce circles and with good reason. It works.

One way it’s so effective is that it positions you or your client as the authority for the industry. You do this by publishing valuable content that builds trust, loyalty, authority and authenticity.

Imagine you’re doing the SEO for a Sydney natural stone tile vendor’s website.

You publish useful tips about choosing the right tiles for a home. This way you position yourself as an expert who cares enough to offer advice. There’s a good chance they’ll buy from you when the time comes. That way, content marketing is like planting seeds that will lead to a rich crop in the future.

Of course, there’s far more to content marketing than throwing up a page of tips sitting back, and waiting for orders. You need a strategy. The word strategy suggests two things, firstly that it’s detailed, comprehensive, systematic, and aligned to business goals, and secondly that it’s a long-term process. To achieve these factors, it has to written down as a clear, actionable plan for your team to follow.
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The Value of a Documented Content Strategy

Documenting your content plan offers many other benefits besides giving you a blueprint to follow. For one thing, it forces you to focus on the niche and market you or your clients are involved in. To generate content that enthrals, you have to understand your market and your customer intimately.

For content marketing to work, it has to be consistently applied. A documented plan of action allows you to create an editorial calendar for your writers and other content creators. The result is the kind of orderly workflow that ensures production of the right content when it’s needed. In short, if you’re serious about content marketing, think like a published and write it all down.

As an Australian SEO firm, you can use content marketing both to position yourself as an expert service provider in the mind of your target market, and also to create campaigns that will generate traffic and sales for your clients. Remember that the content you create is out there working for you around the clock. That makes it a great investment in you and your client’s future.

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