AIDA for Adwords – The Bridge to Desire and Action in Online Advertising

In our series on AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) Adwords writing, we’ve looked at how an enticing PPC headline can grab our visitor’s attention and then how a skillfully crafted description line can kindle his interest. Now in our online advertising campaign, we want to continue the process by building the Desire that will hopefully lead to Action – the click.

Once you have your prospect on your hook, you must keep him snared. Never forget that however good your headline and intro, your prospect is just a second away from jumping off to scan the other content on the page so you have to reel him in fast.

One thing to bear in mind is that as we’re dealing with such a small space, interest, desire and action will often by blended together. After all, we’ve only got two lines of 35 characters each to work with.

Building Desire


When does interest become desire? That’s a question for the neuroscientists. But in online advertising, we can imagine it being when the prospect begins to envision ownership and use of the product. For a golf club, when he pictures himself standing on the tee swinging one of your drivers, you know he wants it.

It’s tough to do with so little space to work with, but try to paint a word picture with action verbs. This is extremely effective at sparking the kind of desire that guarantees a click through to find out more.

As with all kinds of online advertising, you can only build desire in PPC by knowing your prospect and market intimately.

If you’re selling gold products, what kind of golfers are you targeting – beginners or experts, male or female, young or old?

What’s holding them back, what do they need help with? You can discover this from your keyword and market research.

If they have trouble putting, for example, hint that you have a solution. If your putters provide enhanced accuracy, let them know.

Need a Winning Putter?
Revolutionary New Precision System
Helps You Sink That Putt Every Time

What struggling golfer wouldn’t desire that? He can just imagine himself stroking that ball into the hole next Sunday to the admiring looks of his partner. He’ll be clicking through to find out more for sure.

If he’s a beginner and concerned with the price of new clubs and equipment, you could craft an ad addressing these matters:

Want Golf Club Best Buys?
Top Brands Just Like the Pros Use
Best Deals in Sydney | Limited time

Above all, keep everything relevant and tightly related to your central theme. Moreover, focus on selling the click and not the product or service itself. That’s the task of your landing page. By building your prospect’s desire for your offer, that’s just where he’ll end up. And that’s what’s online advertising is all about.

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